Why Cognix?

Low-code, Drag-and-Drop Intuitive Designer

Cloudflux with Cognix-Gluon

Cloudflux is a visual programming technology that accelerates application development and allows you to create, build, and deploy complex applications with No Code - Low Code. Cognix-Gluon are software elements that enable visual drag-and-drop design capability, where you can easily create business flow, analytics, Big Data, AI/ML, Streaming Data, IoT, Web, and Mobile applications. The programming becomes as intuitive as building a flow-chart for your business flow using pre-built Cognix-Gluon's software elements.

Low code Rapid Integration Platform

Cloudflux enables rapid development with drag and drop simplicity to:

Simplify Intuitive Software Development Applications

Define complex Business Rules and create Forms

Low Code Comprehensive Development

Build Enterprise Mobile or Web Applications quickly

Lower the Risk & Time using Cognix

Define Dashboards and Reports

Future Proof Your Software Investments

Future proof your software investments

Integrate External Systems with Cognix

Integrate external systems and services

Lower the Risk & Time using Cognix

Lower the risk of cost and time overruns

Cloudflux technology benefits

Cloudflux technology is a low code platform with pre-built visual software elements called Cognix-Gluon that are building blocks for a complex application.

Intuitive Software Development

Simplify development of applications by making it more intuitive. Coding is simplified in a way that it is conceptually similar to making a process flow diagram. This allows domain experts to work more directly and closely with coding experts. With 200+ connectors available out of the box, data can be extracted from any 3rd party source: on-premises, proprietary systems or multiple cloud platforms

End-to-End Business Process Flow

Integrate applications and data together with end-to-end business process flow. Our technology not only offers flexibility to extract, transform and load data from disparate sources but it also offer simple implementation for customizing process and business flow. that makes the data work for your business

AI Powered Insight

Make your data work for your business. Unlock the power of AI/ML to extract insights from your data in real-time. Perform predictive analysis and take action. Track the most popular metrics and discover new ones with AI-powered insights.

Cognix Business Value

Generate value for your business from data. Optimize development time, costs while ensuring high quality by utilizing time tested building blocks. Enjoy flexibility to customize applications for your unique business needs without the overhead of coding it from scratch.

How Cloudflux is different?


Build business applications much faster with drag, drop and deploy simplicity


Add power of Artificial Intelligence to your applications


Enable distributed Apps with Blockchain


Build Apps that can run on any Mobile, as native and offline

Powerful Application platform that runs on premise, on any Cloud* or as hybrid.

Powerful Application Platform for Azure
Powerful Application Platform for IBM
Powerful Application Platform for Cloud

We can help you with

Vertical Agnostic Platform

Develop Low-code E-Commerce Platform with Cognix
  • Integrate Supply & Demand
  • Leverage AI/ML
  • Integrated CRM, ERP, SCM
Blockchain in Banking/Finance
  • Block Chain distributed ledger
  • Compliance
  • New age apps
Low code IoT Development Platform
  • Easily connect devices
  • Pattern based stream analytics
  • On-cloud/prem
Cognix Healthcare System
  • Multi-system integration
  • AI/Ml enabled pro-active
  • healthcare