Customer Stories

Credit Risk Predictive Analysis

Poor insights into credit risks hamper financial institutions through conservative lending decisions, high credit losses, cost of capital and slow market turnaround time. A well-known financial institution that specializes in corporate loans used Cognix's robust, secure and flexible analytics platform to gain insights into market risks through predictive analytics.

An effective risk analysis is essential for survival in the long run. Cognix proves to be the right platform to provide insights into risks in the market through its predictive analytics capability that can be performed on both static and streams of data through in built or external ML models.

The Challenge

A well-known financial institution that specialized in corporate loans required a system to help them analyse and identify credit risks to make better lending decisions. The system was required to help them set and monitor lending limits based on the risks involved. To achieve this the following was required.

Profile of the borrowers.

Identification of potential risks.

Forecast safe lending limit based on evidence.


The Solution

Cognix AI Powered Solution

Cognix's robust, secure and flexible analytics platform helped to reduce the losses on credit through the following

A data flow processed the borrower’s historical financial data for borrower profiling.

The borrower’s profile is processed by a ML model to predict the risk involved in the lending

The Benefits

Data flow for secure data transformations can be modelled with ease on Cognix's drag and drop environment.

Cognix effortlessly integrates with several external data sources to consolidate critical data without any data loss.

Cognix makes using ML models from external data science systems straightforward and painless to integrate.

Cognix's interactive reports provide granular insights into the risks involved for better visibility.

Cognix's Solution Benefits