AI/Machine Learning

AI/Machine Learning

AI/Machine learning enables new opportunities for most industries who have needs to solve problems in real-time utilizing predictive analytics to generate business value. Cognix’s collaborative ecosystem with Cloudflux-AI can deploy models with drag and drop simplicity that can be trained to extract insights from data. The learning acquired by these models may be used to forecast future behavior, patterns and trends accurately without being explicitly programmed for this task.

Cloudflux Artificial Intelligence
Cloudflux Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive Solution

The user friendly Cloudflux drag and drop environment can be used to build complex applications with prebuilt Cognix-Gluons to leverage predictive analytics ability of various ML models. The eco system allows for seamless integration of analytical capabilities of ML models and further enables users to connect to other Data Science applications such as GE Predix, IBM Watson to name a few.

Cognix-Gluons enable ML models to learn continuously from your data to provide accurate feedback and reliable predictions. Additionally, user feedback can be further utilized to re-train the model to improve accuracy.

One of the strengths of Cloudflux plaform is seamless connectivity between process models, data models, event models and ML models such that it allows the user to take full advantage of AI/ML in complex business applications.


Our highly versatile and scalable algorithms ensure that the system remains efficient as the complexity of the input data increases.

Enable AI/ML integration with process, event or data flow models effortlessly for enhanced data preparation capabilities.

Cognix’s AI powered platform enables selection of ML algorithms/model best suited for your input parameters.

Cloudflux Artificial Intelligence
Cloudflux Machine Learning Applications

Immediate Impact

Quick development with Cloudflux’s visual drag-drop environment enables immediate use of ML model based predictions. Improved prediction intelligence with built in continuous learning and retraining.

Choose the best ML model using visual representation of the machine learning algorithm and its outcomes. During retraining Confusion Matrix forecasts the accuracy of the predicition of the trained model.

Full third party integration capability with the help of API’s.