Customer Stories

An Innovative Agricultural ICT Product

An innovative, powerful and versatile agricultural ICT product was built on Cognix's and hosted on the cloud for an Agricultural solutions company to enable the interaction of different stakeholders in the agricultural industry for real-time retrieval, collection, delivery and analysis of agricultural data.

In India, farmers suffer due to Inadequate irrigation facilities, depleted soil and lack of modern farming practices. By adapting to Information and Communication technologies[ICT] to manage farm operations and crop cultivation the farmers can have easy access to modern farming practices to enable them to eradicate irrigation and soil related issues.

In the recent years, dependency on ICT for storing, retrieving, manipulating, transmitting or receiving agricultural information has increased making eAgriculture a new phenomenon which has a powerful impact on the agriculture sector.

The Challenge

An Agricultural solutions company that works with different stakeholders to overcome systematic challenges in the agricultural sector wanted to build a powerful and versatile platform that will promote different stakeholders in the agriculture sector to interact with each other for real-time management of field activities and for collection of agricultural data.

The solution had to have the ability to foster the design of agro-information by agro-experts on the portal end and deliver the right agro-information to various end users like farmer, field co-ordinators, organization managers, research teams, and sales/marketing teams through smartphone technology even when the mobile is not connected to the internet on the other end.

The product also had to handle activities in multiple languages and of any nature, at any place or time. Multiple instances of the solution had to be made available, where each instance can be used by an organization of any size to capture any form of information related to farmer, farm activity, farm infrastructure, agro-research, crop production, processing, marketing and sales.

All data collected had to be made available to the government/ top managements to take agriculture/business related decisions with the help of insights generated on the data through reports and analytics.


The Solution

Cognix AI Powered Solution

The Cognix's team developed a set of criteria for the electronic workflow solution.

Multiple users and role permissions had to be designated for different portal/mobile activities.

Complex conditional forms had to be created to deliver and collect agro-information.

Significant amount of configuration was not required to build complicated processes.

The mobile application had to retrieve, collect and deliver information in the form of text, media, image and videos (offline or online).

Significant value was given to the data collected by generating informative reports.

Based on these criteria, an innovative agricultural ICT product was built on Cognix's and hosted on the cloud to support various agro-activities.

The Benefits

Users and Roles were created and permissions were managed with ease using Cognix's user management feature.

Conditional complex Questionaries’ were effortlessly built with Cognix's advanced form controls.

Projects with complicated processes called Knowledge lines were built on Cognix's easy to use drag-and-drop process builder and efficiently deployed to the device.

The Cognix's offline workflow engine helped the mobile application users to collect data offline in remote areas.

The Cognix's data flow model, analysed the data collected and generated reports for business insights.

Cognix's Solution Benefits